How Larry Page Leads a “Medium Sized Business”

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I read an interview with Larry Page (CEO of Google) on Wired on how he leads his “Medium Sized Business” (He actually called Google a medium sized business – which I thought was a bit wacky)

He says that he encourages his team to think of products that produce 10X results. Instead of focusing on just incremental improvements or catch up with competitors – create amazing new things. He refers to gmail, which when launched had 100 times more storage than anything out there. He also mentions the self driving car and the wearable glasses.

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How to Scale to 15 Billion Page Views+ a Day

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Tumblr (a tool where you can easily create your own blog, and share other posts from other tumblr blogs) got over 15 Billion page views a month in Feb of 2011. Those are REALLY large numbers and require some creative ways to scale the technology. Each company’s scaling requirements are unique (i.e. what worked for twitter won’t work for Tumblr) because the subtleties in usage patterns matter a lot at scale.

The good news is that these companies that do tackle these challenges share their knowledge and often open source their solutions.

Here is a great blog post on the technical tools that tumblr used to help scale their technology


A Great GIT Branching and Versioning Model

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When viafoura’s code base was very small and had one developer, source control was not needed. We started feeling the pain at two developers. We implemented GIT at the start and changed the way we used it as we grew. It went from one branch to many, to a systemized version named system. Here is the two schemas we follow – hope this helps your growth…

Git Branching Model:

Code Versioning Model: – Semantic Versioning spec

How to scale a startup

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Being fortunate to get over a lot of the early challenges of creating a company (building the right product, getting customers, sales, raising money, getting the core developers) we are now tasked with scaling a development team.

Almost every CTO I have spoken to in the meetups that I host implement some form of Agile. A very quick look on Wikipedia will list almost 100 different development methodologies ( Most are iterations of one core style but there are still a lot.

I found these two articles helpful when I was digging more into this process. We run Agile here at viafoura.



2013 – New Style of Blogging, Shorter Insights and More Frequent

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I read a great piece from VC Charlie O’Donnell that talks about Blogging, and doing it often. I started this blog a few years ago and the biggest challenge I had was to write pieces because I thought they should have to be long and well researched. But after reading Charlie’s post, he says blogging does not have to be like that, you can also write about the stuff you notice, and just make your posts short.

So that is what I am going to do. I put a weekly reminder in my calendar to write short posts on stuff that I have noticed (and I notice a LOT of things). Some might say you can use twitter for this, but 140 characters is just not enough.

Let’s see what happens!