How Larry Page Leads a “Medium Sized Business”

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I read an interview with Larry Page (CEO of Google) on Wired on how he leads his “Medium Sized Business” (He actually called Google a medium sized business – which I thought was a bit wacky)

He says that he encourages his team to think of products that produce 10X results. Instead of focusing on just incremental improvements or catch up with competitors – create amazing new things. He refers to gmail, which when launched had 100 times more storage than anything out there. He also mentions the self driving car and the wearable glasses.

On the surface it may seem that only a company the size of google can really do those crazy things, but I think we can do it in a more tightly funded startup environment as well. You will not be able to do as many projects, but picking that key project and having the mentality that it will be better than anything that exists and sticking to a vision that seems crazy in todays day is important.

The crazy thing that I am trying to build at viafoura is this: I want the comments that people make (and the people themselves) to have more value than the article that is written.

Think about it this way, a really well written article is done by one author using maybe a dozen sources. They report the facts (sometimes offer an opinion) and are well written. But the fact remains, this is done by ONE person. There are MILLIONS of people that read that article. I would say that out of that million at least 2,000 people know WAY more about the article than the author. Lets say out of the 2000 people, 200 provide insightful comments. That is a lot of valuable commentary that needs to be brought to the top. The more you consistently deliver on showing the best commentary, the more involved the community gets.

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