After 5 years of iPhone, I switched to Google Nexus 4 – and I love it.

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After about 5 years of using an iPhone, I made the switch to Googles Nexus 4 phone – and I’m glad I did it!

For some background, I have a Macbook Air, iPad and iPod, but still made the switch because iPhone was just not innovating I felt, and I did not want to buy a new iPhone every year.

Here are some things I like about my new Nexus 4, that the iPhone 4 (I did not get the 4s or 5) lacks:

  1. Really fast and snappy feel to apps opening and switching
  2. E-mail composition is easy and getting previews of emails without having to open the full app is great
  3. The notifications system I think is better on Nexus 4
  4. The ability to customize the home screen to show widgets is amazing. The Apple home screen is just a bunch of icons and not useful
  5. I never to got to to try siri, but the voice command is very good on Nexus 4 – really good for dictating texts when you dont feel like typing
  6. the “dont take your finger off keyboard” to create a word is REALLY cool
  7. It was easy to import my iphone contacts into gmail and then see them all on my nexus 4. Tip: export your contacts from iCloud and then import into gmail and then sync.If you cant export from icloud (because you reached your storage limit) download this app MCBackup from the app store (it will email you in CSV or VCF format all your contacts, that you can then use to import in gmail)
  8. It is unlocked be default! No more contracts to big phone companies, and easy to travel and get international sim cards

I have only had it for 1 day so far, and everything is fantastic. Let’s see how if I find more great things about it, or if it fails to stand the test of time…