My Fantastic Team and The CBC

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The last few weeks at viafoura were very busy. We had a lot of large client launches, one of them being the CBC.

The CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation – see wikipedia link) is near to our hearts at viafoura because they are Canadian like us. CBC is the oldest existing broadcasting network in Canada, first established in its present form on November 2, 1936. That makes me very proud that they picked us.

The viafoura team is a smart bunch and very passionate about their work. They are artists in their own disciplines. Artists in database scaling, code writing, interface design, client support. You might think, how is writing code or supporting a client art work? Here is how:

Database Scaling – we deal with a very large amount of data and use leading edge technologies. Finding answers to these scaling challenges requires creative thinking and research, there is no one stop shop to find these answers.

Code Writing – writing code can be compared to writing a paragraph to describe a house (I’m looking for a new place to rent, hence the reference). It can be very elegant, easy to read and understood by everyone. Or it can be sloppy by having bad grammar, lack the right details and written in a klingon: “pagh laH ‘oH pong qab grammar, lugh details wej ghaj ghIH ‘ej ghItlh tlhIngan”

Support – Communicating effectively is not easy. Making sure that our clients are heard, replied back to in a timely manner and given the correct response to resolve their unique issues takes a lot of crafty writing. There is no simple copy and pasta response.

Interface Design – The connection to art work here is easier, how the system looks and feels will determine whether people like it and use it. This takes a very unique approach that takes into account not only usability but support on multiple browsers (Internet Explorer 7 anyone?!?!?)

Thanks to the team that helped with this launch. Your hard work, dedication and long hours are not unrecognized.

Andrew, Ben, Denys, Gus, Kofi, Mark, Simon, Victor

You guys are amazing.  More great things to come.