Work Hard, Smart and Fun – You Can’t Pick Just One

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When I heard the saying: “Work Hard, Smart and Fun – You Can’t Pick Just One”  I wanted to break this down some more. I wanted to see what it’s like in each of the scenarios:

1) Work Hard Only

A lot of first time entrepreneurs fall into this category (and the work fun only category), but it is dangerous to only work hard without having fun or being smart about it. You could work hard heads down and spend months on a product, idea, sales lead or client only to realize they have no impact on the larger picture – you should have added smarts. Or maybe you worked so hard and you got that right product, client or lead but you burned out and pissed off all your employees. Neither approach is sustainable.

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How To Be Happy, Backed by Science

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When I read the title of this post: “10 easy things that will make you happier, backed by science” I loved it right away. For a few reasons.

It is a short, catchy, leading title – which is hard to do. A title (and the picture) are the number one reasons someone decides to click through or not. But I digress.

I really love it because of the content. Happiness is very important to me. I have a whiteboard in front of my bed for the last 10 years with 7 things I want in my life. #1 is to be happy. This article gives easy (really easy) tips, and to top it all off, its backed by science! Who doesn’t love science?!?

I’ll let you read the article to get the details on the science to back it up. Here are the 10 tips, and how It has affected me: Continue reading How To Be Happy, Backed by Science

What is it like working at a startup?

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Recently, I have had a few friends working in other industries (legal, government, large consultants) ask me about the startup day to day, and what it is like.

if I had to summarize it in one word, it would be this: Rewarding.

You just feel like you get stuff done, get to work with passionate people and you learn a lot.

There is a blog post on 17 tips on working at a startup (from Dharmesh Shah Founder of Hubspot). I wanted to call out 6 that resonate the most with me:

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