Is Google Down? No it’s Not, Go Buy a New Computer

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I had an funny/interesting conversation with our product manager Gus at viafoura this week. It was early morning – we just got in and no one had coffee. He asked me in a joking tone: “Hey is google working for you?” and we both just laughed and I said, “Make sure your are connected to the internet”.

I thought about it a little more and came up with so many reasons why Google could not be down, and it MUST be him making the mistake. I was thinking: “Of course its not down, its google. Check your internet, call Rogers (the ISP), check your network card, buy a new computer, did you reboot?”.

I was defending Googles search product so much. I thought, man, how many other products exist in the world that are so reliable that you go so far to blame everything else. Of course, google does go down (in 2007 a total of 31 minutes for according to pingdom and only 3 minutes (!) for

On top of having a very high up time percentage, google also has a great rapport with the internet community for being intelligent.  When you put these two together (intelligence and reliability) you have two key ingredients for getting a loyal user base. If you throw in top notch support – you have an unstoppable machine.

We never did find out why google did not work for Gus that morning. It started working after 10 mins. Must have been neutrinos interfering with the bits.