8 Books that Shaped my Thinking as an Athlete and Co-founder of a Technology Company

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Over the years of being an athlete and co-founder of viafoura, I have come across great books that shaped my thinking. Here is a list of some of those books, and a quick summary along with the benefit I got from it


People Skills

This book is over 30 years old, but very relevant and does an amazing job of breaking communication down into its elements. It is great for engineer types that think in detailed fundamental ways.

Venture Deals

When you are at the early stages of forming a company, or raising a round of financing – this book helps you understand both sides of the deal (the investor and the company) and also gives easy definitions to terms that are common place.

Made to Stick

Once you have mastered people skills above, you can now try to craft messages that stick in peoples minds.

Don’t make me think

The same way that communication was broken down in “People Skills”, “Don’t Make me think” breaks down usability (i.e. how people think when interacting with a website) to its core fundamentals.

Lean Startup

Old school business plans don’t hold water in todays really fast development cycles. Lean startup provides a framework on how to build a business in todays landscape.

Framework for an investor pitch deck

One of the first versions of a business plan can be an investor deck (even if you do not raise money). This link provides a good framework on how to structure that deck.

Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

This is a very popular book, and should be re-read over the years. It helps frame your thinking and approach to scenarios. Biggest learning: Do not worry about the things you can not control.

The Mental Athlete

I read this when I was competing as an athlete, and it gave a good breakdown of the thoughts going through ones head during training and competition. The book provided tools on how to address thoughts that are detrimental to your performance. I found a lot of these skills transferrable to business.