Why You Should NOT Reject That Startup Job

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I read a blog post recently titled “Why you should reject that startup job“. Below are four of his points and why I think they are incorrect.

  1. Your equity does not grow as an employee
    No ones equity grows. Not the founders or existing shareholders. You should be expecting dilution. The value is in the price of the share. The team needs to be focused on increasing the share price, not getting more of the pie. You increase the share price, you make more money, and so does everyone else.
  2. You can’t work your way up in terms of seniority
    Incorrect. So many of my employees have moved to seniority roles simply because they knew that part of the business the best. If there is a gap in the company that can not be filled internally and someone from the outside ┬ácan do that job better than someone internally, then why would we not hire them? That includes every role including CEO, CTO, CFO. Who wants to work for a company where people are promoted just because they have been there longest? Promotions have to be based on capability. This is not a union or government organization. It’s a pro sports team. That is where I would want to work.
  3. You can’t transfer the experience and you work on menial things.
    Big B.S. The skills that you learn growing something from the ground up is equivalent to building a car when the drawings are made, to sourcing the metal to building all the parts and then selling and maintaining it. You learn so much from that whole process that you can apply to almost anything in life. Is there boring work – 100% there is. I have to look at contracts, order phones, setup emails – this will never stop. Every job in the world has menial work, at every single level. Thinking otherwise is a fallacy.
  4. Founders can make the same amount of money in 5-7 years at a bank than they can from an (unlikely) exit.
    You are missing the whole point. If it were only about sure fire money – I’d be a banker. There is more to it than that. It is the thrill of the challenge. It is the satisfaction about working on something new, that has not existed before. Building something. It’s about working with other equally passionate people that think the same way. It’s about working on the leading edge of technology. Its about walking into a startup and FEELING the energy of everyone around you. You just don’t get this at a bank. I have had many successful bankers, MBA’s and lawyers talk to me about jumping ship to the startup world because they were lacking these in their work.


So when you do get that offer from a startup – take it. You will get so much satisfaction in your work that is very hard to replicate anywhere else. It just so happens that I have a blog post on what is like to work in a startup that gives some more insights.